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Log-In Tips

Common snags in the log-in process. 

So, what do you do if you failed to log in the first time.  Some pointers:

1. Remember that you need your full address, not just the part you use for on-campus log-in.  So:  ""  not just "janedoe15" is required.

2. Remember that the password and the security questions are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as you first did.  So  "Password" is not the same as "password" or "PASSword" And  "Glencoe High" is not the same as "Glencoe"  or "Glencoe HS" for a security question answer. 

3. If you fail to log in, and you are blocked by the security questions, send an email to "" and your account will be reset.  The reset email is only valid for 24 hours, so be sure to deal with it when you get the email with the temporary password.  Use Copy/Paste with the temporary email because it is often tough to tell zeroes from the letter "o" or the letter "l" from the number "1".  When it is reset, send yourself and email with all the log in information, including the exact security question answers so that you don't repeat the issue.

Any other problems, contact IOP at