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Refund & Withdrawal Policy

Augustana College International & Off-Campus Programs
Withdrawal and Refund Policies

Revised for 2019-2020 Academic year programs
An application fee of $100 and a program deposit of $200 is required for all applications, though timing due dates? vary based on the application cycle.  This document outlines policies for withdrawal from a program after acceptance and the policies pertaining to the refund of the initial program deposit and subsequent program charges should a student withdraw from a program.
Please read this document carefully and share it with anyone who might be assisting you with the payments for your study away experience.  You will receive a second copy of this document when you are accepted to a study away program.
1. Applications completed during the Primary App Period are required to include the $100 application fee at the time of application, the $200 program deposit is due upon acceptance into the chosen program.  Applications during the Extended App Period must include both the fee payment and the program deposit at the time of application.  Any student who withdraws their application prior to acceptance into the chosen program will be granted a refund of the $200 deposit if made with the application.  The $100 application fee is nonrefundable. 
2. A refund of the $200 program deposit will be given to any student accepted into a program who then withdraws prior to the Refund Guarantee Deadline.  See the accompanying chart below for the date of this deadline for each program type. 

3. As of the Refund Guarantee Date, the college will begin to make nonrefundable deposits for airfare or other program expenses, funds which are not recoverable should a student withdraw.  For this reason a full refund is not possible after this date, except in the case of faculty-led J-Term (January or June programs), in which a refund of the $200 program deposit and any subsequent payments will be granted to a student withdrawing after the Refund Guarantee Deadline if that student’s position in the program roster is replaced by another student from the Alternate or Waitlist for the given program.   This option is not available for summer or semester away programs. 

4. After the Refund Guarantee Date, for semester and summer programs as well as any J-Term programs without an active Alternate or Waitlist, the withdrawing student will receive all monies paid by the withdrawing student minus the following: 
A) The non-refundable application fee 
B) Any non-refundable deposits made to program partner organizations, sponsors or travel providers. 
C) Any “shared” or “fixed” costs on faculty-led programs.  These costs are those program expenses which are shared equally by all student participants and are not billed to the program on a per-student basis.  This includes the shared expenses of faculty travel and compensation,  and any group-billed program components that are not specified as a per-student fee. 
5. In the event that a student withdraws from the program after the Refund Guarantee Date and the nonrefundable charges are greater than the initial $200 program deposit or any subsequent payments, the student will be billed for the total of nonrefundable charges and shared costs as outlined in section 4 above.  Failure to make these payments following a program withdrawal can lead to an administrative block on college functions such as registration or availability of official transcripts to employers or graduate schools, until such time as the debt is paid to Augustana College. 
6. There is no change to this policy as a program nears its departure date or as later payment dates pass, except that the charges deemed to be nonrefundable are likely to increase as a program nears its departure date. 

Students who are removed from a program prior to departure by Augustana College due either to a change in their academic eligibility or in response to a disciplinary concern are treated as any other withdrawal and these students are responsible for all program fees or charges as outlined above.  This includes any student whose cumulative GPA drops below minimum program requirements, students who are placed on probation or suspension  due to honor code violations or who are deemed unfit to travel by the Dean of Students Office due to drug, alcohol, Title IX, or other disciplinary violations of the Code of Conduct.

8. Students who are forced to withdraw from a program prior to departure but after the Refund Guarantee Deadline due to a medical or mental health emergency or at the recommendation of a physician or mental health professional may obtain a full refund of all charges, minus the initial $300 deposit, but are required to provide an affidavit or letter of endorsement from their physician or mental care professional, attesting to their professional recommendation that the student not travel.  Failure to provide this statement of support for the withdrawal on medical or mental health grounds at the time of withdrawal will result in students being charged all nonrefundable and shared costs.

9. In the event that a student must end participation in the program due to medical or mental health concerns at some time during the program itself,  the college would retain an amount to cover the non-refundable costs already expended on behalf of that student as well as the student’s portion of the “fixed costs”.   

10. Students who elect to terminate their participation in a program for reasons other than mental or physical health concerns, as well as those who are removed from a program for disciplinary reasons, will receive no refund of charged program expenses and will be charged any additional costs associated with their adjusted itinerary and early return to the United States. 

Program Application and Refund Guarantee Dates
Sept 10 - Dec 10 Sept. 10 - Dec. 10 Sept. 10 - Feb. 10 Sept. 10 - Feb 10
Dec. 11 - Feb. 10 Dec. 11 - Feb 10 Feb. 11 - May 10 Feb. 11 - May 10
April 1 April 1 August 1 August 1
Program Withdrawal Procedures:

If a student chooses to withdraw from this program, they must send an e-mail message to the Director of International and Off-Campus Programs (IOP) at .  A copy of this withdrawal notification should be provided to the faculty director of the program in those cases when the program is a faculty-led January, June or Summer program.  The withdrawal date will be considered the date when this e-mail withdrawal request is mailed .  Upon receipt of the withdrawal notice, the Director of IOP will contact the Business Office to authorize the appropriate refund.



 [SLC1]Mailed and received should be the same right?  Received adds confusion as to when it is “read” which is not a fair standard to use