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Announcements : Payments & Emails

Announcement: Forms, Payments & Emails

Find out what to do about the emails you keep getting about forms.

Hello everyone.  By now you are probably getting sick of the computer generated e-mails reminding you about the forms and materials you need to turn in.  Trust us when we say it is necessary, but remember, there are really only 5 of these that matter right now.
1. Code of conduct form must be signed
2. Assumption of risk form must be signed
3. Medical info must be filled out
4. Emergency contact info must be completed
5. Passport photo page must be uploaded as JPEG or DOC file.

And, of course, be sure to keep up on program payments as well.  

Students with incomplete forms or with incomplete payments at the time of departure WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TRAVEL WITH AUGUSTANA COLLEGE.

The final deadline to complete all the required documents (and paperwork) may be before the departure date for your program.  For example, in some cases it is the last day of classes or finals week of the term prior to departure, while for others it may be 5 business days prior to departure to allow our office and the Business Office to process the information or payments. 

Our best advice:  Get these things done sooner, rather than later.  Give yourself, and us, less to worry about as you get close to the departure date.